Cedar Rapids 

CHIP--Complete Health Improvement Program


What Our Participants Are Saying

CHIP changed my life.  In 8 weeks my blood pressure dropped 25%! My cholesterol dropped 15%!  My blood glucose dropped 12%!  I have more energy and clarity of thought.  I feel great!  Most importantly, these are changes that are doable for the rest of my life!  CHIP not only added years to my life, but life to my years!  I am so grateful to Heather and Barb for their dedication to positively change people's lives.

Lance G.

Next Program Dates

     September 11-November 9

     M, Th 6-7:30 PM

Ready for change? Through evidence-based education, motivation, and support CHIP--The Complete Health Improvement Program will help you define and achieve 

your goals.

Check out our about page for video and details!! 


The Complete Health Improvement Program is not a chronic disease treatment program; rather it is an education program designed to support the process of disease reversal.  All program participants should seek the advice of their physician prior to participation and throughout the program, particularly if they have a chronic condition or are considering changes in medication.  The Complete Health Improvement Program is not a substitute for medical advice. For more information visit www.chiphealth.com